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Just a short story on the up and coming Rosie Ledet... A woman from Louisiana made a stop at Kafe Utza and saw the poster for Rosie Ledet and the Zydeco Playboys. She was shocked Rosie was coming all + 410 more characters
Jessie Houghton will be playing on June 25 at Kafe Utza! Music will begin around 11:30am! Authentic Southern Smoked Brisket Sandwiches will also be served on site from 11:30-2pm or while supplies last + 71 more characters
Authentic smoked Johnny Burgers will be served outside of Kafe Utza and Great Grains starting at 10am Saturday May 21st! Follow your nose and enjoy a specialty burger made with sausage and ground beef + 30 more characters
Kafe Utza will be featuring D'n'A Wednesday June 2nd at 5pm! D'n'A, an acoustic duo consisting of Doug Heydon and Amey Herman,have been researching, recording and playing music of Europe and North Ame + 832 more characters
Hello Johsh, I would be interested in visiting with you about this! If you could contact me at Kafe Utza 234-9821 that would be great!
Tucker and Glenna, Just a reminder that the coffee is hot and the scones are fresh! Tucker, it's been so long that your sweet face is fading from my memory so come home we miss you! Love, Kara
Hope your adventure is all you have dreamed of and more! Tucker, we miss your sweet face and in the heart of Kafe Utza is a huge space that only you can fill! We love you all and wish you well! + 18 more characters
I believe that relationships with people are always more important than issues we may differ on.
Thank you Mayor Whalen for the willingness to take on such a responsibility! - Joe is an incredible gift to this community and a true humanitarian who has a huge heart for Miles City. I feel blessed t + 23 more characters
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