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still looking also.
Still looking for a team placement...Patty 234-4257
What's the fee going to be?
Patty 234-4257....need a team thanks
I want to play but dont have a team....if there is one that needs an extra experienced member, I would be interested,,, Patty E.
I sent you an email.
The pallets are on my dock again if you want to stop by and pick them up.
do you need more wooden pallets?
Winslow and Associates....owned and operated by Bev Harris.
Greetings, this is Sensei Bucky Loomis. For class information you can contact me at 406 853 3763. I have been involved in the martial arts for nearly 20 years. My instructor is Kaiso Sensei Charles Bu + 224 more characters
I lived across from this mess for almost 11 years...pretty much still looks the same as the day I moved in back then.
Thanks for the information....They used to spray every Thursday night last year.
MLW...I know what you mean....I was trying to get rid of some wooden pallets and the next thing I knew I was contributing to the delinquency of minors by providing some burning material for their bomb + 364 more characters
Does anyone know if the city/county will be firing up the old spraying truck earlier this season? Gnats and their much nastier counterpart - the mosquito - definitely have us outgunned right now.
What an awesome thing for those kids to do. Knowing how 4-H helps to shape character and the inherent maturity of lots of our country kids, I'm sure this huge task will be in great hands. Many thanks + 207 more characters
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