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1. Does Miles City area offer upland bird hunting and if so, what kind of birds? 2. Son John will be returning to your area in January. He'll be working for BLM. Anyone have a clean, safe apartment (o + 135 more characters
tootsie roll. Pinky used a 3 footer to sell us little guys.
Pinky Lee's main sponsor? Hint: The product he held up to the camera was shaped like a log. Bet you can't google that one!
Okay "wet behind the ears", what's the name of Sky King's niece?
Very good. The name of Sky King's plane?
His name is John Brumbach. He's really impressed with your community. You've obviously welcomed him in a "down home way". Thanks so much for your hospitality.
Now no cheating... no googling...What TV show had a character named Pat Brady? What did he drive? and what was the name of his vehicle?
Now that's funny! Great sense of humor...
That sounds clean. Thanks
If you single, 23, clean living, and new to the area, what would you do on a Saturday night in Miles City? Thanks
It is, they're attempting to steal your self esteem. Protect your valuables.
I'm excited for son John. He'll be joining your community in May for the summer. He's big hearted, honest, sort of smart, and a good catholic. Do you have a catholic church? He's 23+, single, civil en + 480 more characters
Hi, My son is not a teen but will hopefully be joining your community for the summer. He's 23 and a civil engineer student at the University of Kentucky. He's outgoing, outdoors type, etc.. Do you thi + 199 more characters
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