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MC.books & news I don`t like some of the things I`ve heard about books & news lately.It seems to me spewing negativity into our community is not a good thing. Don`t you think positiveness would b + 43 more characters
You know Wal-mart is a is important to support all MC. business that employ miles city workers. Imagine a place without wal-mart,k-mart,sears mc donalds. Yes there is a place like + 274 more characters
Chad,Bob,Van,Dona,Rich,Jeremy&Tucker DON'T WORRY ??! Hillary C. is going to save you all. Liberal C.gotta love ya,power to the speech!
Chad, Put a trash can& an ash tray outside your office,Stand outside and talk to them,Tell them what you don't like about them. A little communication and respect goes along way.A teen s + 129 more characters
The whiners! John Handley John Taylor Ruben Oberlander Mike Mahan Doug Leidholt 5 blind mice!They got the whine but want all the cheese too. + 112 more characters
To the people of miles city,get out and vote. It is very clear that there are members of our city council that don't give a dam about the city of miles or its budget problems. It's up to us the p + 282 more characters
City employees work for us the tax payer,They should publish all city salaries. Some of them should be raised and some should be capped.
8/25/04 Miles city star City out of money:It is 4.5 months till the city receives property taxes and some of our city council want to barrow the money from water&sewer again! This dose not wo + 531 more characters
Buck buck buck,You be nice.He is in the right. Call,kick butt,and spray.
Merrilee is looking for a cage,For a Wolf!
Honey, I smell worse than that,like a Fungus if you must know. Dave,that ladder truck is good for one thing to change light bulbs. Chery, I love Ya!You know what I smell Like,Yes? Merri + 219 more characters
Spell,Hell lady you can't even get the name right .WOLFF if you use it again,Got it. The only way I could make out over my taxes is if the place burns to the ground. And did i say over p + 318 more characters
The police, parks,water,have all sacrificed something at one time or another,but our fire dept.has not.They just keep takeing and takeing,it's like a virus that is spreading. Kill the virus,stop + 55 more characters
Today 8/6/04 miles city star says 2 safty mills, 1 for our police dept.1 for our fire dept! The reckless miss handling of the city dept's. through the supervision of the city counsel is ridiculo + 497 more characters
funny,yes tucks even I can miss hit the keys.
I'm sure eveyones been food shopping lately,yes? Albertson's & Reynolds prices are up not a little but alot' with County market gone now. These people want you to shop with them,so they can suc + 162 more characters
Take the money from the fire dep.They don't need to get paid for sleeping all night,they don't need a answer the phones,they don't need alot of things they think they need for a podunk little t + 143 more characters
I believe you all believe in everything but the truth!
This week in the star,they talked about our wonderful city counsel and how they have been over spending miles citys budget for the past 5 years.Spending more than the city takes in. Let's find + 293 more characters
Buck,are you then the offical ass crack and body odor sniffer for this area?
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