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So you think this health care is gonna be free then?? Somebody has to pay for it and it won't be the ones using it.
So if every business raised there prices to pay for insurance all of you would be ok with that? Where does it end? I don't know about you but my dollar doesn't go very far anymore. So lets make more t + 110 more characters
Joe. You give Obama credit for the oil??? You are so wrong. Who single handedly droped oil from $150 a bbl to $35 a barrel in less than 3 months? Obama. He is worthless and doesn't put this country fi + 38 more characters
Everybody wants economic developmnet in Miles City but they are scared of change. People should look around. There are alot of people born and raised in MC that wotk in the oil and gas business.Does t + 427 more characters
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