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They built the parking lot out of concrete too df. If you lived here you would know that.
you are a troll.
Have never voted up or down here gunnar you ignorant dum fuk.
Like your wedding ring Richard?
Not voting for Trump.In your usual blither you do not say who they are voting for.Have you filled out their absentee ballot for them or something? What difference does it make. If people like this cau + 289 more characters
you have just said you are ignorant gunnar.And that you do not know why.
If they were here illegally they are criminals to this day.If they sought employment that was another crime.It goes on and on.If you buy a small storage shed building are you required to interview eve + 766 more characters
From that link posted by L-Webby,it is vague but it kind of implies that the models were not paid until they left the organization. Not much information there or if they were represented by a foreign + 475 more characters
I wonder how they got paid.
.oO(WoW!!! Larry was looking in the mirror and mumbling again.I think he really needs more help again.)
Exactly a no-brainer.For people without brains.For people who cannot think or do for themselves.And don't forget the votor chip.dumbob and jr.dick already have the chip in their skull but theirs is a + 427 more characters
All of that is just old hat.Sooo yesterday.The greatest worry now is the coming Zombie Apocalypse.This new and real threat involves an entirely new set of circumstances that will have to be dealt with + 26 more characters
One of smellary clinton's most upstanding supporters.Stand tall wiener,you have the situation well in hand.Dream of smellary and then maybe in.....nevermind it seems like things are out of hand with y + 62 more characters
The smellary wants the government to automatically register everyone when they turn 18.And register them to vote too.Maybe she will implant "them" with a "voter sheep registration" chip at the same ti + 567 more characters
This is much bigger and far more transparent as it is already partially out in the open.
Ok hillary.So you just systematically register everyone. Well that worked so now lets just automatically vote for them too.
Try History and her votes dumbob.jeannette rankin's votes or lack of were clearly pro-Adolf Hitler, anti semitic and pro-jeannette rankin for Adolf Hitler cabinet in usa.
We were already at war with Germany.At a second chance jeannette Rankin again refused to condemn Adolf Hitler.Tell Me that had Adolf Hitler had won the war that jeannette rankin would not have accepte + 113 more characters
I think I misspelled Jeannette.But that is because I looked to ammorette spelling and mistakenly corrected.This was not wise as ammorette misspells professionally.
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