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Deluxe Motors 234 2980
You nailed it mac. +10
Good news Thanks stan
I have always wondered that myself.
Family Beer and Fun
Freddy needs to go back to where he came from.What an unreasonable A hole. I wont go back.
+10 tim
See,You're a nerd! Still wana meet?
You're a punk to.
I'll tell you where its going.Steve and dave are a couple of nerds that have nothing to do but run their pie holes.If they have a problem with that I would be glad to meet them and shut them up.
Still a mess! How much longer can it take?
There are plenty of able people in town who don't take care of their yards.I live next to someone who can't and,I would help him all i could.People know who can and can't.
Anyone still pumping water out of their basements?
Shut up!
After 20 minutes on the phone with straight talk, they told me theres a problem with the towers in montana.
You got to remember wendy knows everything.
Yeah,I have sraight talk to.
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