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Have you tried a Channel Scan? If the Scan works you may not need a Set Top Box. Note: All TV manufacturers differ, so menu options, wording and other items may vary. The best way to complete the chan + 810 more characters
Haunted House, Campfires, Food & S'mores, Music & Movies. $5.00 per person per evening. Friday and Saturday starting at 6:30pm. A Chorale Fundraiser for all ages. -- Hwy 10 Valley Drive East towards T + 159 more characters
My 16 year old granddaughter and I wish we had been in town last evening. Both of us would have loved to have gone to this event. I was wondering if you are thinking of having another one in the futur + 2 more characters
The stainless steal watter bottle taken from Door 804 this past weekend. If you have it or know who does please bring it back, the staff will make sure I get it. It has great sentimental meaning to me + 12 more characters
NIMBY - Since it ISN'T in MY backyard this does not apply! Maybe get your facts straight before you start name calling. I just think everyone should be informed and have their questions, comments and + 191 more characters
I have nothing against new infrastructure, and I agree they have needed to do something to improve cell and data coverage for quite awhile now. I admit I do not know what the tower will look like, as + 336 more characters
Have you heard that AT&T is planning on putting up an unsightly microwave tower behind Fastenal on North Hayne Avenue. The tower will be 160 to 220 feet tall. Miles City Planning Board will conduct a + 239 more characters
In case you missed the title of the thread, it was that the Gazette scooped the Star yet again. I would like to understand how they choose the articles that run, and of course those that do NOT run. I + 439 more characters
Really think this is something that the local community should have read about in the Miles City Star. Wondering why this news hasn't run. Sorry I don't know how to post a link, please copy and paste + 86 more characters
This needs to be listed as - Billings Gazette scoops Miles City Star AGAIN!!!
The Chamber website says it's on December 6th.
The bottom of the flyer says it's from 4-6. Guess not gonna be a sleepover.
What age group is the party for?
You stated that - October 12th and 13th - Rink set up - Can always use extra hands! - But you didn't state what time set up is each day. This information would help a lot.
Do you have this years routes set yet? And of so can you please share them here? Thanks. Would be kind of nice to know where we will be walking.
So is RUE 21 still going into the building off Haynes, or are they looking for a new place? Just seems like it's taking a while for them to get the store up and running.
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I do believe the phrase ~ my mother-in-law elva ~ should answer that.
They ran the wrong ad. This weekend the Eagles Club will be having a Member Mixer Saturday night from 6:00 - 7:30pm. For only $9.00 you get a Roast Beef dinner and ALL the trimmings! Homemade dinner + 445 more characters
TV has found a new home. Thanks All.
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Ground Floor 2 Bedroom Apartment for rent. You pay MDU. Water & Trash removal included. Air Conditioned. Stove, Fridge, Microwave included. Good size laundry room, washer and dryer not included. Pets + 330 more characters
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