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Does anyone know when the MCC students will be trick or treating for hunger? I just caught the end of the ad on the radio. Thank you.
Thank you.
Has anyone heard when Ayes pumpkin patch will be open? Our grandkids loved going there last year!
Thank you for the info.
Thank you!
Movie? 9 years ago
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Does anyone know if there will be a movie showing on the Discovery Pond wall around Halloween again this year? It was so much fun last year. My granddaughter loved it!
Does the Farmers Market run through October or does it end this Tuesday September 30? Thank you for your help.
Will you be helping out families and the elderly this year also or just children under eighteen as the paper stated? Thank you.
Had a wonderful time at the Hocus Pocus movie last night with my granddaughter and daughter-in-law! Would be really nice to have a few movies like that a year. Great time!!
Can anyone please tell me how much tickets are to the double header on Tuesday July 23rd? Please answer here. Thank you.
Sharlene, Will the pickup be today July 18th as the message says or tommorrow July 19th? Thank you for the info.
Anyone know whats happening this weekend? Have family coming and what something to do. Thank you for your help.
Can anyone tell me when Santa and his reindeer are going to be at Murdochs? My granddaughter can't wait!! Please reply here. Thanks for the info.
Bobcats 11 years ago
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Are any of the local bars having a big party for the Bobcat game on Friday evening? Does the Cellar or the Spur have something going on? Please post here with any information. Thanks for the info.
Does anyone know what hours the Pumpkin Patch is open? Thank you.
Is there anything exciting happening in Miles City this weekend? I have relatives coming and need some entertainment. Thanks
Thank you!
Just wondering if any of the bars will be having a band Friday or Saturday night of the Miles City Fair? Thanks for your help.
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