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Linda, Yanzie, Mike, Beth, Niki and family, Our deepest sympathies to the family and our heartfelt condolences. May God hold you in His loving arms during this time and offer you comfort. The Swanson + 6 more characters
Suicide is not a joke people. This has affected the family greatly and this little boy. Until they are ready to release the name or the family personally tells you, it is none of your business. Please + 126 more characters
Uncle Kim is awake and alert. He is still using oxygen to help with his breathing and has two tubes in the back of his skull to help relieve pressure on his brain. He has lost a lot of his memory. Fro + 389 more characters
Uncle Kim was brought out of the drug induced coma yesterday afternoon. He was able to open one eye (the other is swollen shut), move his arms and legs some. This is a miracle for him! We thank all of + 54 more characters
Has anyone heard when sign ups are for Flag and Little Guy Football??
Josh, I have always tried to respect your outspoken style but I personally believe you crossed a line this time. The American flag is a representation of the freedom of our country and ALL the soldier + 1591 more characters
TKD is done at the Centra Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. upstairs. Contact Larry at 1-847-989-5121. He started a class on November 3rd last year and it has grown quite nicely since their firs + 178 more characters
Thanks everyone for your help. It is grately appriciated.
Help! I need to know if there is a reliable person around who can fix my computer. My c drive will not read and my next set of classes start next Wed. Thanks!
We would like to take our children to the play tonight but did not realize that someone takes their clothes off. Is it just their pants and is nothing shown? Thanks
I have thought long and hard about this whole situation with Mr. Eddy and I am torn between compassion, anger and frustration. I know all too well about alcoholism and how it can affect a person and t + 1352 more characters
My children and I go to Laurel every year for the 4th of July and I was very pleased that we decided to stay home this year. We all had a wonderful time during the parade and spent the entire day at R + 152 more characters
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