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I had close to 40 on S. Jordan! That's the most I've ever had. Turned out the porch light at 8 o'clock.
Is your mail being delivered to your house? If you don't have a locked mailbox, it could be being stolen after it's delivered.
I saw a dog matching the description at noon and called Lee. The dog crossed Comstock and was going south on S Lake.
They were on S. Jordan about a half hour ago.
They stopped at my house when I went home for lunch today. One guy was about to come through the front gate when my 2 malamutes came running over. He decided to skip my house!
You can check on Inciweb: url
There's Wind Cave and Jewel Cave in South Dakota.
The thermometer on my truck read -29 degrees F at Fort Keogh at 7 am.
Hi Andie, living in a travel trailer or a fifth wheel might be your best option for housing if you have pets. I moved to Miles City in June 2008. I have a big dog (100+ lbs.) and couldn't find housing + 1164 more characters
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