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Police had there lights flashing Jimmie, people were pulling over and we were behind them then whoever pulled back out in front off us so we were honking and flashing our lights so we could keep up wi + 10 more characters
Ok im going to say this again, pursue was my wrong choice of words, we were giving permission to follow police at a safe distance to wave him down to pull over for police, until his brother got to tow + 246 more characters
Well let me rephrase this, we were allowed to follow the police in the pursuit, he need help and we were the closest ones he new that were notified of the situation that were inthe area, we weren't dr + 357 more characters
Hey stephan, does it really matter that much to use spell check? jw, also sry for over using the term Douchbag and other name calling. I was a little pissed off that ppl were ranting on saying he and + 626 more characters
i understand that senario better reno, yes i would be pissed, but it also pisses me of that ppl are callin him and his family dirtbags, and i apologize for my language, i just dont find the nessesity + 251 more characters
bahaha im gunna buy me some shutters
lol you gay, acutaly i think theres a storm in my bed lol jk
Yes my point exactly Patty O.
you guys flirtin wit eachother or what?
S*** my bad, sry every one its a forum not a blog, psh who cares
oh and also he parents aint gunna be paying for his fines, he is gunna have to pay for it all on his own, and reno talking bout someone shooting into houses, Dude thats a whole different situation. If + 171 more characters
No bob i was in another gmc sierra of the same year, if i was in the vehicle the cops were chasing, this wouldnt have happened
Well reno, me and my friend were givin permission to pursue by mcpd dumbass, also its a blog, so dont talk s*** cuz im abbreviating words sayin i should pay attention in school douchbag.
Tina i am a little upset, he didnt hurt or kill anyone, and if he were to do that i wouldnt be supportin him like i am now but he will be learning his lesson, his parents have that takin car of. so th + 317 more characters
its cool kender, to you others, no one got killed or hurt, its a done deal so stop bitchin about it,
hey kender,hes not in jail, hes a juvenile, he got a lot of tickets
Yo tina, he didnt come back looking for the cops dumb b***h, he was trying to find a way to get home, I know he made a bad decision by evading police but you dont need to be criticize him just because + 176 more characters
Yeah josh i am at the defense because i know the kid really well, i also will call you a douchbag, You say to get on with my life, at least i didnt drop outta high school queer. And you need one cuz y + 152 more characters
Hmmmmmmm acutually on main by napa it turn to 35, so your last post was not correct you db, and somebody that is going over 25 deserves to get their licese taken away????? thats the dumbest s*** i hav + 165 more characters
Also callin Leejevne and his family dirtbags really low, In my mind that makes all of you talkin s*** about his family make you really mature people, psh thats a f***in joke,
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