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Oddjob-I believe Amorette is correct as to Eagles Manor being owned by someone in Kalispell. I have been doing some research and Eagle's Manor has become part of the "HUD" association. No longer the b + 1381 more characters
I must agree! I felt bad for those living at the manor! It was just ridiculous how long it took and the work done was very unprofessional and there is still work to be done! Not even sure whom the bo + 108 more characters
What was the name of the Motel behind or next to the Alta Club? Is it still standing? I know the Alta Club is no longer----but, is the Alta Trailer Court still alive and kicking? Did Spike Grenz + 141 more characters
Michelle, I am heartbroken that you had to endure this horrific crime of molestation. You were willing to name your perpetrator on this forum with no problem and let citizen's of MC know and beware + 1162 more characters
Religion is such a difficult and complex subject. You made some great points, Richard and I believe everyone has the right to their own opinion and belief and freedom to speak. Much has to do with th + 2354 more characters
Hello Linda-I just wanted to add that 2 of my family members and I have had surgery with Dr. Brooke and we all did fantastic and were very pleased with him every step of the way. You are always going + 387 more characters
Liz Myers- I just wanted to say I am broken hearted for your loss. I can tell you did love your dog very much and your reply to me was very mature---unlike many of these people on here wanting to figh + 461 more characters
I am reading this entire post and you know whom I am hurt the most for in this entire issue? THE Mama DOG and the PUP's! They were the innocent creatures in this whole MESS! I wish Mr. Vosler would + 783 more characters
Very impressive letter written by Beth Sutter. I am just the out sider looking in---the fan in the stands cheering on the Cowgirls. I have a much younger girl that is quite talented at BB and LOVES w + 1939 more characters
Union Hall, You do have very valid points and I can see that you are emotionally attached to Coach E. and I am emotionally concerned as I am raising a young daughter that loves BB and hopefully when s + 523 more characters
I felt the letter to the editor in tonight's paper, written by Mrs. Blaquiere was very well said. None of us (except the team and the parents) know what exactly what took place. I do not believe the + 440 more characters
I read the first review on this subject and had to leave a comment. I have tried to give the "Black Iron" several chances to impress me and I just have not been "wowed" at all. Not saying its the + 607 more characters
Does anyone know what happened here? I hear that a few parents (on the girls varsity team tried to get her fired) and it must be more then this to fire a coach? Wish someone would say SOMETHING??? + 166 more characters
What a beautiful dog and member of your family. I know you have probably already checked animal control. I am keeping my eye out for Sheeva and praying she will be home to her family very soon. My h + 52 more characters
Its nice to see a post about Cliff! He has worked on my car for years and is always the same reliable and honest man. He is such a hard worker and will go the extra mile for you. I always recommend + 136 more characters
KUDO's to Annie for this post! Lots of animals lovers and lots come here to post and this is great info. Not sure why this great info would offend Kasey??? Very positive and informative to many of + 32 more characters
Heartbreaking to read this---what in the world is wrong with these idiots? This is total abuse! Do these men get a fine for this? Thank the good Lord for the people who have the wonderful hearts to + 230 more characters
I was reading on Miles City Virtual Marketplace on fb and saw where a person was trying to give a mother cat away and said she had already given all the kittens to homes???? Makes a person wonder? PL + 474 more characters
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LOVE this store so much. They have such great deals. I think Maurice's will be in for some competition as they have really raised prices in the last couple of years and we don't have much variety in + 60 more characters
Ammorette---thank you for your "adult" response and I agree with you. Richard B---response was wayyy long---did not read it---you must be very bored
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