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What time?
Can anyone recommend a good piano teacher for an adult?
I also saw the sign there last week.
Dr. Yerger in the former Garbeson Clinic building. Very good and much less expensive than a lot of others.
I am suddenly getting a lot of ads or "sponsored by" notices between posts. Is there a way to stop those?
Bakery 7 years ago
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Does anyone know anything about the new bakery across from the post office? Just wondering who owns it and what kind of things they serve. I drove by it today and was so surprised to see it.
I did, but other than enlarging the picture, it still didn't show right into the nest. It was still mostly tree branches with the nest in the middle. Couldn't see into it.
Does the camera have a close up view? I only see it at a distance.
Is the Boardwalk still open?
LRS 2014 - There is a confidential phone line. It's called "crime stoppers".
MidRivers 7 years ago
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A big shout out to MidRivers. Here it is a holiday weekend and my TV went kaplooey. I called the help number and despite my frustrated voice, the woman on the other end remained polite and understandi + 267 more characters
Does anyone know if this Chonda Peirce movie will be in Miles City? It is supposed to be in many theatres for one night only, October 27.
Nice. Thank you.
Does anyone know what is going on with the old video store building by the underpass? I see that it is being remodeled.
I checked the web site for locations but couldn't find the info. I know there is one on Main and one on Center but does someone know where the 3rd one is? Thanks.
I watched the show on KULR channel 4 on cable at 4:00. She was not on. Was I on the wrong place and time?
What area of town?
Just wondering why it is only cloth diapers rather than disposable.
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