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The military offers free schooling to those who want to get thier GED. And a job when you graduate
Momento was a good one I agree. But one I am glad I rented was observe and report. Wow, what a colossal waste of my time.
Man I love this site. I am honestly never bored. Especially when Josh gets involved. Glad you found our pet.
Josh, there probably was just a big demand for the Princess Diaries, and thats why they were so upset when you didn't bring it back. jk
Anyone find the pumpkin today?
So what does it look like? Besides like a pumpkin...obviously. Any special markings or colors?
he'll be fine. kids are malleable. they bounce.! Made my day...
Did anyone see the article of the 15 year old in florida who turned some kids in for trying to steal his fathers $500 bike? The kids came back and poured rubbing alcohol over the boy and started him o + 99 more characters
Salmon is really good. And swordfish steaks are a very different texture. Almost like beef...kinda...sorta.. And it all depends on how it is cooked.
Thank God I'm not a pet. Well a pet dog or cat at least....
The Key club at the high school still works with the UNICEF program I believe. You can contact them or the local kiwanis club for more information.
Finally. You rock webmaster.
We are putting together a paintball game soon. If anyone wants to play, or even try it out we'd be glad to have ya. Just shoot me an e-mail!
Holy snap. This thread really does make my day. The lies and allegations don't stop at just a plane ticket either! Public records have a lot to say as well!
Wow, Ship. You really are fired up and I like that. I am just a little confused on your case exactly. Are they reinstating the charges from the previous case in which you were aquitted, or are these n + 496 more characters
Yes, He would've. And so would have, and did, his 1st line leader, and platoon sgt, and readiness NCO.
I'm currently in the works of putting together a business plan for a recreational facility/shop targeted at youth and young adults, but I need to find a piece of land big enough to suit it. Any idea's + 47 more characters
Sorry, I know this is way late and kind of off topic but I have to address one little thing. Stephen: Yes, you were in the military. But no, you did not put your life on the line. And were released pr + 63 more characters
The game sounds fun. I'll be there!
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