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well kelly, i think that every politician has screwed US for so long, it is about time we get the opportunity to fantasise about screwing them for a change. and what in the hell is so great about oba + 84 more characters
[deleted - o/t]
that is funny amorette..i giggled a little while reading that. lets get particular shall we. cost to clean up after and repair the vandalism from the 1,000,000 tea party protestors who marched on wash + 310 more characters
ive never had a thumb in my buck.
im actually pretty good at what i do. one of the few people in my line of work that works pretty much every day. go figure. oddly enough i looked up poopty on google and the definition is as follows.. + 103 more characters
i wonder if amorette, kelly, windy, buck showalter and all the rest of the commies saw the view the other day. Joy baher had to conceed that bush was as inteligent as obama. sounds like the hope and c + 46 more characters
neither has any business in politits... and obama does? she governed a state, that makes her more eligible for president than obama, buck head. wonder where fuel prices would be if she were president? + 148 more characters
corporations and unions sound like the same thing to me. i wonder how much unions donate to politics. enron was an empty shell of debt...yeah but small potatoes compared to the United States governmen + 2 more characters
i love u liberals, i probably donate more money to charity, donate more labor to needy individuals...i comute in a 57 mpg car, spend three months a year in the mountains....i practice what you buck sh + 258 more characters
[deleted - inappropriate]
why not lift a glass to the constitution amorette, it is going the way of the miles city laundry, and the constitution is much older. oh and all this because of simpletons like you
didnt obama just coerce the children of the united states to fight in libya??? war mongering libs....that is as bad as burning korans in my opinion
hey smiley, the only people that can sue is the liberals...those are talking points taken verbatum from liberals when bush j.r. was in office you dumb buckshowalter. so why do the libs now hate the po + 3 more characters
being the most read and most published book ever...well i would have to say that your opinion is in the vast minority...
yeah smiley...i do see the irony "hehe" there aint one hemophliac on this site. not one...
we all know that barney frank and chris dodd were responsible for the housing crash... pelosi reid are responsible for corn prices obama is responsible for gas prices so with that you got food, fuel, + 236 more characters
i just listened to obamas speech and thought to my self.... we didnt elect the first black president,,,we elected the first retarded president.... now i understand buck amorette windy kelly and all th + 10 more characters
so schmuck blowwalter...dod ya fall in love with some stripper chicks?...i dated a few...never fell in love........and certainly never paid a dime to see them naked....so sit in the dark, ultraviolet + 291 more characters
so what does sarah and strippers have in common schmuck showalter?? no matter how much money you give them neither will go home with you?
well there you are buckhole.....i wonder what kinda tip you would give sarah palin if she worked at teasers? kelly...some people here dont want you voting..i couldnt believe it.
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