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A friend of mine brought this to my attention, on how well the Amish community handled the tragic shooting of their young innocent children. It was amazing watching how far differently they reacted to + 452 more characters
I am holding onto more of my money too, because the government is saying they are going to tax me more. I plan on loosing a couple 2-3 thousand more a year in taxes after the cuts expire. Plus there a + 1251 more characters
OK, you have earned my interest. What is this Juanita's Feed Lot, Richard? Or are you just trying to be rude. Let me guess, you're against people who work in feed lots too. It's a real job and there a + 1743 more characters
Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like hard work- Thomas Edison I think Aaron has found opportunity; he has not sat back and let the current financial + 1023 more characters
Sad to see Miles City has gotten rid of another children's area. Wish they could have incorporated another play land. My children were pretty sad to see it go. It's one more reason I won't have to go + 369 more characters
I am living in a small town in Wyoming and the streets don't seem to have that problem. It is generally colder and more snow here than Miles City. I was just in Miles City last week and I agree just a + 21 more characters
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