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I've talked to a few people around the neighborhood and it seems everybody knows somebody who once or still is trapping cats. I can't fathom the mentality that would get a thrill out of "offing" peopl + 291 more characters
Do you have any pictures? I've seen quite a few cats, just not my own.
I found this cat in the alley between Woodbury and garland between Ivy and Milwaukee. I wasn't sure if this was Boomer or not. He's probably still in that area if that's him. He looked rather content + 48 more characters
I live on Garland street and I lost my small tabby named "Sprite" on Tuesday. I checked at East Main Animal Clinic and they have quite a few tabbies there, some with big eyes as you described. I didn' + 187 more characters
Our cat Sprite went missing 9/3 around 7am in the Garland/Phillips St. intersection area. She normally spends most of the day outside and comes back mid-afternoon, unfortunately, this time she didn't. + 420 more characters
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