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Hi. This is Art using Margies account. When our two boys were growing up in another Montana community they spent years in the soccer programs and we were involved with the programs as well. These type + 371 more characters
The parade is on THE FOURTH OF JULY! Entrants report to the Convent at 10:00 AM Parade begins at 11:00 AM and ends at RIVERSIDE PARK where all types of food, fun, entertainment, music, information, a + 441 more characters
The "Miles City Star" had an article about the completion of the deer fence between Miles City and Terry. To see pictures of the fence and ramps copy the following: url When at the site scroll down pa + 95 more characters
Try this link to see pictures of the deer fence. Hopefully it will work?? url
Go the the following link for pictures of the deer fence between Miles City and Terry.[email protected]/
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