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Just cause one ruins it dont mean all need to be punished. Rebuild!!
Why doesn't someone call UNSOLVED MYSTERIES about larry the porn video Guy.. wouldnt we all like to find out who and what happened.. there could be a killer in your own back yard!!! No matter what lar + 104 more characters
Just depends on what ur into ans ur age.. if ya need a friend to take walks with and stuff. Its always fun to ywalk the river.. text me if u need a friend. 852 3114
Ok and yes there is allot of gay and lesbians. Yuck... and to the last massage here what are a talkimg about.. lol funny shit. and is this am aid or a book .
Why is there no gentleman in this town.. thero is no cute simgle guys and why are there so many gay ppl in this small area?? What's a girl gotta do??
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