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They may think you are speaking a foreign language, if you ordered a Ditch
No David ten fish a day is low that barely covers expenses. our season just opened the 1st of April, hopefully it will get much better. I haven't went yet my expenses are higher because I have a large + 159 more characters
David I agree that the price seems high,The fisherman at this time is getting $9.00 then the fish buyer has to have a cut for handling and processing it, then the transportation costs of getting it to + 635 more characters
Just a note on the price of salmon. I am a commercialChinook(King)salmon fisherman in Oregon our season just started. So far it is pretty slow, our price to the fisherma is $9.00 a lb.
Gunnar if you ever find the answer to your question please share it with me
The NFL threatened to ban Marshawn Lynch from the championship game for wearing gold cleats. Now the Patriots had 11 out of 12 game balls deflated by over 15 % in their championship game making them e + 355 more characters
Tucker Bolton
Gunnar says I have to agree with Oddjob Oh No!!!! a polar shift?
512 Chrome 38 on Windows 7
I agree with most of what you say Steve, except the money they collect from people in rural areas such as Montana doesn't mean anything to the NRA. The NRA gets its' funding these days from gun manufa + 162 more characters
Thank you Web Master. After watching this twice I now know all I already knew about Bitcoin. ZIP
A article that may interest some of you on this issue. I am a commercial salmon fisherman, and one of the biggest salmon runs on the west coast is the Sacramento. So it is easy for me to see the side + 64 more characters
Once I went out to Earl and Em's camp, and Earl was showing me the horses. He said see that black horse? I said he is a good looking horse. Earl said yes he is one fine horse, but I'm afraid I am goin + 1529 more characters
The cheapest gas here in Coos Bay, OR is Fred Myers @ $3.62
Guy Mitchell I am wondering if your grandfather Earl Mitchell is the same Earl Mitchell I knew. I believe his wife's name was Emma. He knew my grandfather Sol Nichols from the old days in Custer and P + 300 more characters
It is not free, but I have had a magic Jack phone for about four or five years, no difference from a landline just hook any phone to the computer. I think I pay $59.00 every five years for unlimited l + 23 more characters
The other day here in Oregon I went to three stores to get my Christmas prime rib, the best grade any store had was Select. People out here seem to think prime rib is a cut of meat. I asked one of the + 197 more characters
Not to complain too loudly, but has anyone noticed that it has been 54 degrees in Miles City for the last couple weeks? I first noticed it about a week ago when I was amazed it was 54 degrees in Miles + 255 more characters
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