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MCA 61-8-503. Crossing at other than crosswalks. (1) Every pedestrian crossing a roadway at any point other than within a marked crosswalk or within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection shall y + 405 more characters
I stopped at Silva service center on N. 7th today. I had an engine light on in a car I bought recently. I cannot say how pleased I am with the service I received. He I had to be the nicest guy I've ru + 86 more characters
Yeah, littlewranglers, what are you thinking???? Its a good thing Amorrette is here to straighten people like you out!
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SD, If said dog wears a lamp shade, will it then think it is a lamp? If so, will it go outside at night, turn itself off and on repeatedly, and cause the neighbors to complain that the dog is flashing + 6 more characters
The local police could do their job without being heavy handed jerks though. I was once pulled over for 28 in a 25 mph zone. Before you say it, I know. It was breaking the speed limit. But come on, is + 159 more characters
Must be good to go if fish and game is using it. They are the last people that would jeopardize the dike.
Great comeback. So fill me in, when you did the engineering evaluation or whatver is is you did, what were the results?
There are certainly portions of the dike road that they have closed off that are no different now that before the high water. From Wells down and around to about Lewis doesn't seeem like it needed clo + 282 more characters
It seems as if it ought to be open by now. I'm sure the city is in no hurry to actually make any inprovements, if they are reaaly needed. It won't be long before those orange cones end up floating in + 22 more characters
I agree. Allow the chickens, and hopefully council members check this site out on occasion.
Custer back to miles city at about 5-7pm was very slippery. Black ice, etc. Roads looked dry but were not 45-55 mph and freezing rain.
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