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No Jesus did not "cotton" to hipocrites and neither should the Lord's Church turn a blind eye to sin today as well. Jesus called it the way He saw it and was not timid when taking on the status quo li + 822 more characters
I am amazed, yet not one bit surprised, at how so many can attack me from all sides but never answer the original questions at hand...LOL You folks (and you know who you are) are so phony, even to you + 16 more characters
AMEN Bruce, Can someone give me a biblical definition of the word "Christian"...?? Then can someone tell me what being a follower of Jesus Christ has to do with allowing political "hacks" (on both sid + 174 more characters
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlfEdJNn15E I found this link to be quite interesting and somewhat surprising that I had not heard more of this kind of information before... Guess I can thank the good + 260 more characters
Join us tonight for dinner at 6 PM or tomorrow for our seminar with Calvin Chapman from Faith, SD... Call 234-3775 for more info...
Local Church of Christ Host's Annual Banquet and Seminar The Miles City Church of Christ would like to extend an open invitation to our annual Banquet and Seminar on February 18th - 20th 2011. The + 3366 more characters
The Cost of Salvation Compared to a Debt of a Lifetime! As the costliest of our annual holidays is in full swing, stories of God's love and His scheme of redemption still filter their way to ears b + 4364 more characters
Robert, Jesus said "I AM the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me." That narrows it down does it not? Buck, You can always turn off the computer or not read the ar + 152 more characters
"amazing how capitalization can make such a HUGE difference." Chuck, Sorry, didn't pick up on that before but you are correct in explaining and right in how it does make a difference... but I too wond + 166 more characters
Richard, I do not have a clue about what all that refers to. I am not schooled in that I expect and do not see it to be relevant to this thread as well. I do recall seeing the shortened term in refere + 1948 more characters
Very well put Steve, It is true we will never fully understand God and His fullness. However we can know Him but only through knowing Jesus and that is a lifelong process of learning who He is and wh + 1070 more characters
Since BVBID does not teach Latin I do not know what this phrase means. post hoc ergo propter hoc non sequitur petitio principii I also do not see where Latin is important to understanding the text of + 795 more characters
Same here, but remember, Rahab repented of her "lifestyle".
"Have you ever talked to a gay person? Many will say that they knew they were gay in grade school. Why would an eight year old decide to defy "nature" and embark on a life sure to be much harder than + 2034 more characters
Are you comparing the logical thinking of mankind and the ability thereof to the uncontrolled sexual desires of the animal kingdom?? Well no wonder the world is flipped up side down. We have lost the + 125 more characters
"And a very small-minded one at that." First of all I never intend to stoop to name calling and such. If you are not adult enough to have an intellegent thread without calling namesthen so be it, your + 2737 more characters
Mark Twain made me think when I read this statement: "Heaven goes by favor. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." How great is Heaven's favor? An amazing example is found + 3097 more characters
Polar Bear, I do not need a book written by a man/woman such as "What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality" to tell me what the Bible says. I too study the Bible for myself and have done so for + 2493 more characters
Joy Behar?? Must not be anything worth watching in Red Lodge. What I found interesting was the fact that 10 min and 7 seconds were spent in this interview trying to justify themselves and not one ment + 432 more characters
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