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What was the cause of death?
George must have grown up in MC, he once told me about how some HS students reassembled ?the principal's? ?Model T? on top of the HS building as a prank. My first car ('55 Olds) was one that he had on + 521 more characters
George took me under his wing in (my) early high school years. He taught me a little about photography, high end stereos, and automobiles. He owned Hasselblad and Leica cameras. At that time, he owned + 978 more characters
I hope to add my memories, but first a question... Did George have *any* family? I don't remember him mentioning anyone... Except his adopted son, of course.
Don, you amaze me. I had you pegged for die hard C&W only. At the risk of stretching it too far, check out my playlists some day: url and, if you like any of that... http://8tracks.com/birchy/music-yo + 204 more characters
A couple of my friends worked at the Gaslight during the Jumpin Jack Flash days. I barely darkened the doorway myself, just not my cup of tea, nor did I have the scratch to buy a drink most of the tim + 677 more characters
I've never been a fan of the common box-with-profile-info forums style that you switched to, I had liked the more compact stacked-replies style that you pioneered. But, your new box style is the best + 1110 more characters
The only mention of this family that I could find in the Hoopes book, was about the daughter: "Burg, Mary Ernestine: Yellowstone Journal, 26Apr1884, One of the 'little folk' about town, birthday party + 225 more characters
Stumbled on this interesting feature of IMDB: url * Dee Arlen Actress, The Ladies Man * Ben Blair Actor, Frendz A Midwest native, Ben was raised in a few different cities including Ekalaka, MT; then W + 502 more characters
I don't remember this at all, but I was just a dumb freshman or sophomore. Anyone know what these men did for a living? What kind of deal they might have had that involved so much money? That would pr + 56 more characters
At some point (dates unknown), the Loveridge & Thurman] Stables run a stage line and carry mail to the Black Hills through Powderville. Their stables at the SW corner of 9th and Main (Reynolds > Coast + 820 more characters
Its name referred to its proximity to the depot, it was the First Chance to wet your whistle when you arrived and the Last Chance when you left. It was managed by combinations of three people for a fe + 3694 more characters
I attended Twin Buttes for 4th grade, because my mother did a year there as the teacher. Twin Buttes was north of MC, about 40 miles, on Dead Man Rd, east of the hwy to Jordan. Lot of long, lonely ho + 411 more characters
Wow, stuff just got real! I've been a "baby" christian most of my adult life. Like Richard, I have a hard time believing that the Protestant and Catholic Bibles are 100% the Word of God. You have to + 1121 more characters
Browsed over to the lot where I grew up. Always hard to have memories at odds with the current state of things. Don Birkholz, I see that they left one of the evergreen trees that you planted. I never + 572 more characters
The car driving must be seasonal. I don't think they take photos in the winter, nor in rain...
Don't know when the images went live, but was surprised to look up Shipley's address and discovered that the Street View was available. Is that Rob in the photo? I'm trying to remember who used to own + 25 more characters
Another reveal: the Yellowstone Journal began daily publishing the same day that the Western Union telegraph reached town. Guess that adds up. The paper now had a source for daily news from outside.
Yes, but you can only search by name. I might try contacting the major contributor and seeing if she would share her data, though.
Wikis 9 years ago
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Besides being convenient ways to store and publish content, one of my favorite features of a wiki is the hyperlinking features. This was emphasized today as I put data into my Miles City wiki from the + 952 more characters
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