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Thanks Brian. Love hearing your Eastern A takes. Sorely missed.
Richard, how about the biggest omission... you're comparing 2 years of Obama to 8 years of Bush (or Reagan) Obama's budgets, even if you take them at face value, show nothing but deficits on the horiz + 449 more characters
My position is that there is no free lunch. Borrowing to 'stimulate' the economy is counterproductive. Allocation of limited resources by central planning is automatically a disaster, no matter how 's + 1678 more characters
Hah. Did you read the WaPo article about that graph you posted, Richard? You're still "analyzing?" Seriously?
This thread is great. First Richard posts the infamous "Pelosi/Moveon Four Pinocchios Debt Graph", showing that all the debt belonged to Bush. Then he double-dog-dares someone to prove it wrong. Then + 862 more characters
vs As long as there's someone richer somewhere, we'll put guns to their heads until we get ours. Straw on Straw But seriously, if you look around your neighborhood and find that everyone you know is + 705 more characters
Funny. All you need to do to pass a bill nowadays is put the word "Jobs" on it somewhere.
Interesting idea... a panel of politicians charged with making sure we're never lied to. Foolproof!
The whole 99% vs 1% thing is nothing more than just another sad conspiracy theory. Even the poorest person posting on this board is insanely wealthy by world standards. And yet still we play the victi + 351 more characters
Makes sense. "Hooo Boy. Guess that idea to hire Buck didn't work out. Guess there's no choice now but to go out and try to find some talent." Well I will admit your expert KO analysis on the Broncos + 141 more characters
Power corrupts. There's nothing anyone can do about it. That's why our system was ultimately designed to keep power both very limited and separated into different institutions. The more power we want + 277 more characters
Yeah yeah. Tell it to the Yanks. And the Dbacks. Poor O's haven't figured it out yet. I'm surprised every team in the league doesn't make you 'manager for a day' each year and then finish it off with + 179 more characters
Thanks coach. How 'bout those Rangers, huh?
Questioning the legitmacy of a source isn't the same as questioning the intelligence of the person sitting across the table. Or should people be insulted every time they see the word faux?
First insulting/condescending line of the thread...
Ok, then. Have fun in the echo chamber.
Here's the problem with your thinking, Richard. Following Roe V Wade, abortion was GUARANTEED to become a federal political issue. Sure, you can find a scapegoat or three and try to blame them for man + 509 more characters
Howdy, have you ever read I, Pencil?
You don't have to read my post. Read the American Cancer Society article I linked. As far as the 'documentary' goes... url QUACK-QUACK Goes Burzynski Eric Merola, a former art director of commercials, + 951 more characters
Sorry man. Don't know what to tell you.
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