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refreshing this topic as summer gets near. Anyone else have any summer programs for kiddos this year?
He admitted that he struggles with words. Should that bar him from a conversation about our community? At least he admitted it. He said he has a learning disability and contributed his opinion. Maybe + 172 more characters
Thanks! Who is this Hannah? How do I find her? Sounds like she's important and awesome. It's all about who you know, right?
Why does he have to be one of those things?
Can't this just be about the facts, the victims and the murderer? Leave the your politics and beliefs at the door. [Edited by rnsjbs (1/7/2016 2:04:57 PM)]
I know it's still a ways away, but I like to schedule everything fairly far out. Does anyone know of any regularly scheduled summer programs for kids? I'd like to get my 10 year old involved in someth + 135 more characters
We also live in Southgate near the end of the neighborhood. It is exactly 3.6 miles to Lincoln. Outside of the 3 mile cut off. Still.... No bus.
We've spoken with the school several times. No bus. No after school program. We contacted ROCKS but they are full and aren't taking anymore students. We were told it would be too expensive to institut + 925 more characters
I'm curious if there is a community of musicians here in ? Professional, amateur, anything! I come from an area that was rich with local musicians and find that I'm missing it terribly. Do you sing? + 254 more characters
Perhaps, instead of reading and following blindly, you should open your eyes to the reality that Judaism, Islam and Christianity have the same foundations. Massacres and pillages have happened through + 210 more characters
I was curious what the firework regulations are and what restrictions are placed on igniting fireworks within city limits.
Oh wow... I'm looking into both of those options and it appears that high speed internet really isn't available in most of town and even the areas that it is available, its the minimum level of high s + 479 more characters
Hello! I have been searching for high speed internet in Miles City. Does anyone have any advice on a good provider? I'm having check of a time finding service!
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