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I am not sure if I need permission to post an article from an online paper here, which I could copy & paste easily. Instead, since I want to make sure you all have a chance to read it, here is the tit + 97 more characters
Check out this website: Prices of various locales are posted & it is quite handy when deciding where to shop. Sue
I find it encouraging that Miles City residents are willing to debate this topic. I just did a Google search and people all over the US are fighting this business. It is said that for every 100 jobs t + 729 more characters
I, too, love the thoughtful replies and discussion that your questions, Joe, have raised. I didn't perceive anger nor would I take offense if you were but thanks for the consideration (I know how chal + 874 more characters
Daniel, Are you in the Navy? Your father taught an English class that I took at MCC. Is he still teaching? What a kind, intelligent & gentle man he is. All the best, Sue
Joe, you stated: "One of the first things we're taught in basic Business Law at college is that a corporation is a "person", with all of the legal individual rights that the term implies." My reply: S + 1430 more characters
Brady, Re your question: "The flumes, south of Miles City towards Broadus, did anyone else swim there? They were closed when somebody almost died out there." I used to "shoot the flumes" with some fri + 190 more characters
A lady that moved from New York Who stabbed her beau with a fork changed her name to Lill cuz of the dinner bill
sky, heavy with gray thick...wet...bone numbing...silence solitude unquiet __________________________ coffee aroma
There once was a rancher from stoop who skipped along rolling a hoop when a rattlesnake bit
River runs silent deep and green, still waters sooth meditative gaze ______________________ sweet smells of mother
A wrinkled old man of Sharm could fly with the flaps on his arm But wrinkles cause drag So he cinched up the sag
Los Angeles smog My eyes blinking and burning hazy traffic noise ___________________ Road from Miles City
There once was a jackass named Max this jerk just couldn't relax obnoxious and rude
Music fills the room the spirit rises and falls Swaying to the sound ______________________ cold water running
There once was a floozie named Lil who knew the fella's on Capitol Hill
There once was a dog named Ivan that mutt was always connivin' flea ridden and dusty
white adobe walls Jim Morrison day dreaming evocative sacred Doors ________________________ the clock strikes twelve noon
As I have recently learned, thanks to Tucker and some help from the web, this present rhyme is not a limerick. A limerick is defined as: a light or humorous verse form of 5 chiefly anapestic verses of + 698 more characters
Kitty in the sun patiently awaits winged prey sharp jaw clicking sounds ________________________ bright and clear noon sun
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