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RE: jail 10 years ago
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They could talk with Pine Hills and use ones of there pods they are low in population and have all the stuff needed for booking and fingerprints and all that
wow how one simple post ends up to be a cat fight...
The school usually put a list of names of the kids on their front doors about a week or so before school starts. When you find out what school they are going to Walmart usually has the lists there...
This is such a great thing that you are doing.. Greatly appreciated that some people are out there willing to help out
yes i have heard that but until the family says something i don't want to reveal any names..sorry
Try the pound
Try getting an I E P set up. They can't go back on those
Went to the empty stocking today and was upset. The only stuff they had was for the ppl that got stuff from the welfare office. So for the ppl that didn't get the paper in the mail didn't even get to + 171 more characters
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