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I too graduated with Dawn Dee we also planned our 10 year reunion together... WHAT THE BLEEP HAPPENED !!!! I am here in Indiana and have NO IDEA what has happened !!!! messege me here facebook me- (Ca + 119 more characters
I really miss stardust, is there any way to put it here on this site??? I wish the star would print the WHOLE paper on line !!! By the way... I would much rather have the cold you are having now than + 154 more characters
1 and 1/2 of ICE on everything with snow on top of that and 20 to 40 mile an hour winds but NOT below zero yet!!! I hate ICE STORMS!! no power, no water, no home... in motel to survive !!! I miss MONT + 260 more characters
crap crap crap... that means my 30-year reunion is in 4 OMG years !!! I remember a lot of you guys HAVE FUN !!!
what about having to use a butter knife or rolled up match book to keep your 8-track playing that was mounted on the floorboard hump of your 1974 PLYMOTH FURYIII
Can I apply for his job ??? I got Kristopher's hospital bill...(JUST room and board) NO labs, surgery ,or DR. bills, JUST ROOM AND BOARD was $189,517.02 for 10 days !!! kinda takes your breath away wh + 536 more characters
We have set up a memorial fund for Kristopher if you wish to contribute in leiu of flowers. We need to raise awareness of this awful disease. THE KRISTOPHER KERCHEVAL MEMORIAL FUND C/O FIRST + 220 more characters
My son Kristopher died yesterday 5-12-10. He was 17 years old. He had a Very RARE lung diease called PVOD... Pulmonary Vaso-Occlusive Diease. No one knew he was sick. He was not sick for very long. Do + 415 more characters
Today Jan. 30 is the 45 wedding anniversary for my wonderful parents..... Patricia and Russell Opp formally of Miles City now loving retirement (Dad retired 01-07-10 and Mom retires 02-04-10) in McMin + 10 more characters
wasn't he a math teacher?? I thought he taught at Washington middle school. I remember him being VERY short.
TO OE.... the song you are thinking of is MacArthur Park by Donna Summer...."left the cake out in the rain"
Alyssa lies by Allan Jackson is a really sad song about child abuse (might be the one K. Duffy is thinking of) It always makes me cry... Billie dont be a hero came to mind first because my Middle son + 61 more characters
this one may date alot of us....." Billy dont be a hero " and I cant believe I can not remember who sang this song
do you have any pictures of that fire??? when did Steadmans burn on Main ???
first of all... MG you have some good tunes in that box of 8-tracks. When I saw that all I could remember was my dad driving and having to "jiggle" the butter knife so C.C.R. could play !!!!Thanks for + 37 more characters
can anyone tell me how to get ahold of these two...I am an old friend of theirs and need to get in touch with either one of them... I feel so bad about their sister and I am too far away to talk to th + 82 more characters
Can anyone tell me how Terry died??? I'm WAY out of the loop here in Indiana.
when and how did kevin stern die???
mine did make it... I have a pee-wee. she is a Pekingese/ wiener dog she has a short squishy nose/face and a curled up tail like the pekingese and the long body and short legs like the wiener dog she + 13 more characters
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