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You guys are right. Thank you for helping me to see the error of my ways.
When my daughter was about a year old we were in a restaurant having lunch and she started throwing a fit while in her high chair. screaming and throwing herself around etc. I reached over and hit her + 693 more characters
We invested last fall in a corn stove. The initial cost was large but what we have saved in propane and electricity should help it pay for itself in a year. Our electric bills were $200.00 + and then + 338 more characters
Pair of pants..... Pair of underwear.... there is only 1 garment
Bravo! I am very happy things worked out so well. Looks like your family will have to become her pack and she will stay around. Lisa
Thanks Stacy. If you happen to hear from her regarding this reunion and you remember to could you just tell her I said hi? Really appreciate it. Lisa
About the only other thing you could do would be to leave food outside for the dog and if it is gone in the morning you can be pretty sure they ate it. SHe will get used to coming to that spot to get + 185 more characters
Wasn't Sonya Seabolt part of this class? Has anyone seen or heard from her? I haven't seen her since the last time I was in MC and that was 14 years ago. We used to be so close growing up but then I + 120 more characters
Wow. Pretty strong stuff. I guess it needed to be said and who better to say than somebody who knows huh?
When I was in 1st grade with Mrs. Albrecht (sp) all of us kids sat in a circle on the floor and the teacher leaned over and spoke a sentence in the ear of the child sitting on her right. That kid in t + 443 more characters
Maybe I have this all wrong but I think there was a story many many years ago (40 or so) about a game warden or something that seen a small boy fishing out by the pumping plant. He stopped to ask him + 326 more characters
I can remember Will Hampton and me riding bikes down the hill at the cemetary hoping like crazy that we would be able to make the turn at the bottom and not wipe out or get hit by a car. You could rea + 114 more characters
Probably not so long a time. I really don't think prison time scares people the way it used to. Shoot you get 3 squares a day, some time to exercise and work on a degree for free (I think) and you get + 191 more characters
When is the fair and who is going to be there for musical entertainment? We just got back from Sturgis and Toby Keith was great!! He really puts on a great show.
Ok pardon my stupidity but I have been gone for 14 years. Is that the bridge heading west out of town by the tennis courts and skating rink? Wow if it is. I really need to get home more.
What that means exactly is would you try out to be a contestant on the show and be the ultimate winner say like Survivor of the restaurant world? There is more to the story that I told but I was playi + 270 more characters
I agree that sometimes waiters and waitresses leave alot to be desired but having been a waitress for many years at alot of different kinds of restaurants I find that I am a little more compassionate + 970 more characters
If eating out has been such a bad experience time and again for you Kelly why don't you stay home and cook?
Bless you. I think I will do that. Are you the Roxi I went to school with?
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