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Guess I should not have used Al Sharpton as an example. He ain't worth the effort. Now he's comparing Obama to Jesus Christ. Good Grief! What next? The point I tried to make was the current administr + 1308 more characters
Yes sir, hypocrisy is alive and well. A bunch of nuts and a crook? Let's call a spade a spade, no pun intended. Al Sharpton owes 2.5 million in back taxes to the IRS yet there are no Federal armed thu + 339 more characters
Mr. Bundy really screwed up. He should've told the Feds that these were Mexican cattle that migrated north to take advantage of better grazing opportunities. An Act of Love. The Feds would immediately + 116 more characters
It's all marketing. Walmart estimates the average person spends approx $80 on general mdse while waiting for their prescription to be filled.
If I ever end up in the terrible situation with someone on top of me beating the hell out of me and scraping my head into the cement and that I had to kill that person or persons in self defense I hop + 402 more characters
The River City Ramblers had their last rehearsal last night before heading out to Miles City. I'm trying to get out a day early to spend a little time at the L/W Ranch to do some visiting and prairie + 677 more characters
Three strikes and Montana is Out! We're going elsewhere. Hunters that work can't schedule a firm vacation. It's become a joke.
Spacekace - Three years not being drawn while others get drawn every year? Please explain.
We've hunted Eastern Montana nearly 25 years and since not being drawn for mule deer or antelope in the last 3 years, have come to the conclusion the businesses and FWP don't want our money anymore. W + 196 more characters
Been there. None of us are fans of Mexican food, but it was some of the better Mexican dishes. Wasn't so hot as many of the Mexican vittles are, especially in Mexico or the border towns. I see they've + 77 more characters
Usually several of us come to the Miles City area to hunt, shoot the Q, etc., and we'll eat only at the Iron Horse or the Hole in the Wall. None of the others come close to their quality and service a + 21 more characters
Tonight 7pm til ? at Montana Bar - Free - everyone welcome
I'm surprised that Miles City Saddlery is not mentioned in this thread. On their website they have a purty good history of Mr. Furstnow and other saddle makers. Their museum upstairs is a first class + 124 more characters
I've hunted the Volborg - Stacy area for 23 years and have not seen a wolf, some durn big coyotes, tho. I would guess that hunters and ranchers would be the most likely to spot them.
Hey der Jim - just noticed this and it would take me about 12 hours if I put the pedal to the metal and might git there just in time to get my banjo in tune. Say "Hello" to everyone for me! Andy M. "Y + 96 more characters
Rhonda Vincent, the First Lady of Bluegrass, is scheduled to sing the National Anthem at the NFL Chief's/Charger's game in K.C. this Oct. 25th. She's done it before at NASCAR events and bluegrass fest + 50 more characters
Custer had his cook along on the 1873 Stanley Expedition and that may cause some confusion. It was essentially the same route as the 1876 disaster except they didn't go to the Little Bighorn. If Annie + 440 more characters
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