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Unfortunately Mike other people have hurt the program because of lying about their household size and trying to get gifts for kids they did not have or that had received a gift through the other paren + 1285 more characters
There was a tree at Discovery Pond and I am not sure if it is still there as this Saturday (12/10)is the pick-up day for Empty Stockings.
Lyle was Jim Devine's father and Jim passed away December of 2009.
Last night for sign-ups is tonight! Any questions please call Mary at 853-0042
3rd & 4th Grade Flag Football and 5th & 6th Grade Tackle Football sign-ups are at the basement of the Eagles August 30th and 31st starting at 4:30 to 7:00 pm.
Looking forward to the class! I like the fact that there are verbal cues as I can't keep up to well in my old age. lol
Registration forms for this class are at universal I just found out!
My husband was flying home from Denver and they took his toothpaste. Now he passed through security going down to Denver in Billings and nothing was ever said about his tube of toothpaste being to lar + 212 more characters
Our Chorale ensemble has been asked to travel to different parts of the United States to preform but we can't let them out of school for one afternoon to go tape a Christmas special in Billings? Grant + 141 more characters
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