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Hi, I think the homicide at the Olive Hotel was in 1973, if memory serves me correctly. We live in WA and were home for my Dad's funeral, which was in late Feb. and early March. Bill French was a long + 205 more characters
I hope that many of Mr. Zezula's former students will weigh in with comments so that his family will know what he meant to us. Sad to say, I wasted 2 years of disliking Mr. Zezula just because of a si + 621 more characters
In July,1961,we lived on a farm in Yellowstone Valley.The "nationals", I believe they were called,had finished thinning our sugar beets and had moved on to another state.My father-in-law then called M + 441 more characters
I am from Miles City, still have family there,and am saddened to see that Miles has yet another fire which is destroying so much of historic downtown. Let's just hope that this one causes no loss of l + 40 more characters
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