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Hey everyone come down to Red Rock Sporting Goods on Haynes Avenue and get your kids signed up for spring soccer season! 5-7 pm tomorrow or ASAP TONIGHT BEFORE 7pm! It's going to be a great season??
Video from a recent performance-
Get your Tickets! April 10, 2014 at 7:30 PM the CCDHS Art Club presents the March Fourth Marching Band from Portland, Oregon. Now wait a minute- it's not your grandma's band trotting down the street, + 1300 more characters
Miles City Youth Soccer will have one more registration day at Universal Athletic Service on Main Street from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on Tuesday 9/18/2012. Fall recreational soccer is open to all youth born b + 381 more characters
TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! Alash Ensemble will be performing at the CCDHS Auditorium at 7:00 PM, doors open at 6:15 for those that want the really good seats. FYI- someone said to me the other day. "...what + 411 more characters
Great article by Denise Hartse in tonights Miles City Star about Alash and the show at CCDHS. Ticket sales are gradually picking up, but seating is limited so get yours soon!
CCDHS Art Club has helped Alash set up two other shows, one in Sidney and one in Ashland; there's nothing happening in Glendive. If you're in the Ashland or Sidney area please take in those shows, but + 292 more characters
Art Club students are selling tickets now. They're also available at Great Grains Health Foods, Stevenson Design, and the store. This will be a great show- get your tickets now!
Judge Hegel may sell his soon. Oh, did you say gravel?
My daughter would love to join, but it's right in the middle of soccer games on Saturdays. Any other time options possible?
It's official- Alash Ensemble is coming to Miles City for several days to see eastern Montana and to amaze us with an evening performance! If you've seen throat singers you know what it's about; if yo + 547 more characters
I'm not sure who had the brilliant idea to pave the shortcut from 10th Street to 11th Street south of Fort, through a dirt parking lot, but it has formed an absolutely stupid unmarked intersection. Mo + 634 more characters
A lot of people have been telling me how well Tempo works on their vegetable gardens and places where they prepare and store food. I have used Tempo around the outside of grain bins, building foundati + 1008 more characters
It won't be so cheap when you figure in the cost to future residents of planet Earth.
url You need to go to their food and product show, they can let you in on what certain restaurants are buying, or hook you up with the ingredients.
The dike is a must unless the town is going to be relocated (unlikely). The dike needs to be moved back further from the river in the process.
Any idea what it does in high wind to slow down or stop, does it auto furl? Does the controller shut it down when it reaches peak charge on a battery system? What is the rated output and voltage? More + 236 more characters
I watched the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics tonight, the 14th such ceremony I can remember watching. It was a very artistic and creative show. Very enjoyable and often moving. I especia + 627 more characters
Costco offers FAX in order service where the order is assembled and ready for pick up when you arrive. It makes for a fast Costco trip. It would tie in well if you're paying and picking up for someone + 6 more characters
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