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Not a real repug icon, he admits to being a liar……
So, I’m not the only one without a fucking clue what that says?
If you really want to get down in the weeds with this, elections were on Nov 3 in ‘53, ‘59 and ‘70. My guess would be 1970. (And I had those glasses in 1970) [Edited by Tim Miles (10/27/2022 9:23:18 A + 3 more characters
Yep, Betty nailed that one right on the old head.
Interestly to me, the County Commissioner area map shows the Broadus hiway as 312, dated in 2004.
I would guess a flagpole for the parade the next day.
The book was published a scant year ago, in May of 2019.
Saw after work today that the Boardwalk is now a hole in the ground. Any hint as to what edifice may rise to take it’s place?
Because, for several months a year, the insect population is lower than the temperature......
And our own Rep Holmlund is the sponsor of these bills pointed out by Mr. Bolton. How ..... nice.
As for MCD's postings, I don't get a lot of time to peruse the national news after 8-10 hours at work and 3-5 at the evening commitments, so it is nice to get some condensed version of national event. + 287 more characters
You do realize that this is, in fact, an opinion piece? Says so right at the top of the story. So, no name calling and fake news peddling, you can disagree all day long, but it does not make this “fak + 13 more characters
I did as well. maybe they can continue to fail for a few more decades.....
The list of parcels is twenty years old, before they start sales, it should at least be reevaluated. Also, with the oceans beginning to rise, the 'glades won't be dry much longer.....
Of course, an internet troll doing his/her thing while having lunch is: a Masticating Master Exacerbater.
Also, some of the choices are local / State races, so your vote DOES count!
From Wikipedia, et al: Lego A/S, doing business as The Lego Group, is a family-owned company based in Billund, Denmark. So, what part of Japan is this?
Nope, that is the new dental services building. 1st Interstate hasn't actually started digging yet.
Summer reading program at the library. Hannah will have sign up information available closer to summer.
I am with Amorette on this. So many other things would be simplified and doable if the entire town was out of the flood zone. Plenty of room for housing and industry within the current town boundries, + 62 more characters
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