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I should have done this sooner, but just seemed I couldnt put it on paper yet. This next month will be seven months since my mother, Catherine "Katy" Darling Sanford passed from a long battle with can + 635 more characters
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
I must say one thing first, yes I am coming into this pretty late, but alas BRIAN you are not nice, for those of us who think that Bon Jovi just keep getting better and better and are obssessed, I loa + 339 more characters
OMG! Billy Bickle, now that is a name I havent heard in, well, 14 years now! I am a classmate and old friend, he and Kelly Monson and I used to hang out all the time. Gosh, I can only figure out two n + 676 more characters
One Night In Bangcock - Murray Head (dont know if this got used...sorry if repeat!)
Alright, although I could post pretty much all Bon Jovi, I will be reserved and post my two faves, gotta have them both on here, and daveb, right on with the Slade Run Runaway, do you know my husband? + 510 more characters
Okay, I am game..... 2. malicious
Love Aint Nothing But a Four Letter Word - Bon Jovi There, I got it in!!!!! :P
Julie, I was going to reply to that one with a really great Bon Jovi song, considering I am an obsessed fan, but you have now forced me to go another direction: Men In Black - Wil Smith
Thanks to everyone for your responses, but I have already come home much earlier than expected. As most of you may know my mother was Katy Darling and she passed away on April 2nd from cancer. Thanks + 154 more characters
No, I am her daughter. She would like you to think she is that young!!! Say hi to her if you see her but dont tell her that we are planning this . I want to spring it on her in a week or so when we m + 64 more characters
My husband and I are planning to come home in June if all goes well. We cant wait to come home again, we miss everyone terribly. Any shocks/surprises we should prepare ourselves for? The last time we + 630 more characters
This has nothing to do with how the roads are there, but I thought I knew Icy growing up in Montana, especially the plains. Oh no, my husband (Dan) and I discovered that Iowa gets really, really bad + 395 more characters
LOL!!! I dont quite remember that winter,78-79, but I was just a baby (all of 4 yrs old). The temp right now in Des Moines is 7, feels like -7. Personally, I think if it feels like -7 it is -7!!!!
I have to admit, I am very very jealous! I have such fond memories of driving down the streets seeing all the lights and miss that so much. We are far from home now and I miss that so much, nothing c + 139 more characters
Christina, its been too long, I hope all is well with you and Mark. Dan and I are in Iowa now and both very home sick. Thanks for mentioning Mary: Mary Milmine who mothered many teens here in MC inclu + 248 more characters
Yeah, me too.
>Does an Iowa fan feel that good about beating Montana?> No, but since my coworkers love me so much they rib me about being a Griz fan. And they know its a no brainer that they will win. One of my cowor + 178 more characters
Ah, I see. I remember the Ducks/Griz game in, I think 99, when the Griz spiked the ball in the Ducks in zone. I was living in Eugene at that time so it was big news. That all makes sense. Especially + 618 more characters
So, let me catch up here. Hardees is gone? Like for good? That cant be!! My husband loves Hardees burgers over any other and thankfully we have one here in Des Moines right across the street. Haynes j + 113 more characters
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