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Wow, this post is so old I'd forgotten about the inquiry! I'll see if I can come up with anything to match that up but I REALLY appreciate the post. My dad just passed away in December so with him wen + 103 more characters
Thank you for your help. Bret
Can anyone verify if he practiced in Miles City in that time-frame? I don't know which church. Thanks, Bret
I might do that next spring. But in the mean time, I'd like to see what I can get on the web. Would it be possible for the geneaology society to do some of this for me? I'm running out of strands to f + 86 more characters
That's good news. The problem I have is two-fold: I'm in California and I am looking for an unknown name. I have a time frame for a birth (1920-28)and a divorce range(1921-30). Problem is that I need + 111 more characters
Are these records kept at the county? If so, how far back do they go? I'm looking for a divorce in the 20's, or possibly, early 30's. I need to see all of them because I'm not quite sure of the names + 34 more characters
I'm looking for a ranch that had a very large log house on it. The house burned down prior to 1957, we think. Might have been the Steven's or Stevenson place. Probably located in southwest Custer coun + 71 more characters
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