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Not just young people I think everyone should school up on some critical thinking. But you know what they say... Ignorance is bliss.
There has been more than one attack. I know one other individual who has been attacked also from the description by the same person and in the same general area. This attack happened during the day. W + 61 more characters
Why is there a Truck in the river?? Someones fishing trip, they are doing it wrong.
Seems Legit. Good one.
I had a bunch of tires slashed too. I hope the police catch that person cause its just dumb to slash tires. I set up a vid cam in my yard to catch the person. I got video of them but unfortunately the + 364 more characters
You shouldn't argue with a fool because onlookers wont be able to tell the difference.
As proven before when people chose to attack this tattoo studio they did not lower themselves to the level to post lies against anyone else. Nope. They handled themselves like professionals. I do not + 1188 more characters
Well after trial and error and a little bit of research. I found out that Rid is not as effetive to killing lice, due to the lice beginning to build a resistance to it. I found hair die to be the most + 224 more characters
No I just treated them and took them to Health dept. today to clear them for school. I did not get all the lil buggers yet though. Round 2 of treatment..
First of all I never once told the school not to call me. They were calling me up to 3 times a day for paperwork when I made previous arraignments to provide the paperwork on Friday due to I was worki + 255 more characters
Ok Toni you say its just lice why would you need a RN or the like to check them if just lice? I still cant believe how everyone is ok with unaccounted for children. I bet your tune would change if you + 1149 more characters
Nice cheap jabs Kacey. I take very good care of my children and know for a fact they did not get it anywhere but the school and I dont have lice. hmmm. Im not a decent person. ok thats funny. You tell + 697 more characters
Yep your right Kacey. I like how you assume. So what if I dropped my children off at school and somewhere between dropping them off and class they disappear. No one should call right cause there to bu + 744 more characters
By the way. Are you people telling me I should expect the school system not to care for my children when they attend. I should expect less from the school system. So we should sit back and have the me + 496 more characters
Ok I guess its ok for a child not to show up to school and no one call to see what has happened the child. Maybe Chester decided to pick up a student?? And I was informing the school of the problem fo + 608 more characters
Got to love garfeild school. My kids didnt go to school today and no one called to find out where they were. I called them in the afternoon telling them my daughters got head lice from there. And this + 357 more characters
Why dont you tell mr Buck the same thing. In my original post I did 0 personal attacks only to have them against me. I can dish it out just as well as anyone else can.
By the way I do hold a college degree and working on a doctorate. And ty Buck you just proved my point. I bet mr webmaster doesnt ban you. So buck take your 7th grade eductation and go back to procrea + 21 more characters
I think its funny how you bash the new site when the same rumor mill and bashing indviduals happens here. Who made you guys the all mighty and decide what people can or cannot say about the community. + 1074 more characters
I know at my grandpas ranch he had many barn cats but the population never grew out of control due to other animals eating them such as owls and coyotes. In addition the cats never starved because the + 247 more characters
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