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Do they have easter egg hunta for kids here in Miles City
Do you have to go to to MCC in order to play?
Does anyone get together on weeknights and play Volleyball? Used to play with a group of women on wensday nights before moving here just wondering if MC has anything like that? Thanks
Thank you
Looking for someone in town that can do a good set of colored acrylic french tips. Thanks
Thanks everyone we got her into a ballet class. Im also very interested in the play groups because I as well as my daughter could use some socializing i've only met 1 person since moving here 6 months + 264 more characters
I heard that Studio M has dance classes but in case they are full is there anything for little kids to do in town. We just moved here a couple months ago and trying to get her some friends. She goes t + 229 more characters
It is great wine!
I am very interested in doing city league basketball. I am a 6' male, 26 years old. This is my wifes account that I am writing with. I don't know enough people in town to start a team, but would love + 185 more characters
I'm excited for this we just moved here and my daughter would love to make friends there is enough time to still rsvp
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