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Donna, the kids on the bikes would probably have been my brothers and I, and that list would have included some kids like Danny Cain, Greg Brush, Mark Peterson and a few Petroff,s also. you gotta love + 16 more characters
Yes Lisa's Dad was the teacher.
Well said Kyle.
Clinton 6th, are you kiddin! me?
He had no clue.
Yes Donna they are my older brothers and I'm sorry but I had to tell Daryll that you backed his car into spotted eagle, he laughed.I also bought lots of candy from Andy's, he was a very large! man, we + 98 more characters
I am a true GRIZZ fan but I can no longer stand to watch Bobby boy take the program down hill, yes they do WIN!! but who could not beat up on the non confrence teams they have been playing lately, he + 57 more characters
I am also a football fan and a fan of all forms of racing and that includes formula one, you are lucky if the lead changes more than 2 times in a race and the leader can often be as much as 45 seconds + 149 more characters
The Red Rock was built in the early 60s and was owned by Delbert Hanson and was later Leased to a number of people, Ray Bishop,Cliff and Joyce Whitaker, TOI theaters, Dallas Bentley and I think 1 or 2 + 270 more characters
Your from Miles City if you remember these places. The time and temp on 1st National Bank,when the pine hills kids would be at spotted eagle swimming, when you could still put a boat in spotted eagle, + 321 more characters
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