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Montana: $628,973,798.59.. Montana's piece of the pie for the broadband infrastructure upgrade.
Interesting. However, to be true all of the polls done by all of the different organizations would appear to be way off as they don't "predict" the sort of disparity being discussed in the links. Reco + 148 more characters
Unfortunately this observation is correct. I have a friend who is presently working in Bahrain. He is telling me that he has to drive through tear gas regularly and can't sleep well at night due to th + 154 more characters
I just saw the online article of the plane crash near MC last Monday evening and noticed with shock that the pilot killed in the accident was Mike Biggerstaff. The name rang a bell from many moons ago + 162 more characters
Amorette, thanks for the memories and making me feel old. I remember when Dad applied for the program and they told him it would be a few years before anything happened. He and Mom went out and purch + 808 more characters
Hi Bart, I still have a mother-in-law in Miles City who uses off air signals for her television and was complaining about the audio quality. Just checking on what signal types were still being broadca + 36 more characters
Thanks. But the translators are still analog?
A quick question. Did KYUS and the four translator stations convert to digital transmission yet? Thanks
Ah yes.... Pricess Juliana Airport in St Maarten (TNCM). Actually, it is the third busiest airport in the Caribbean, with over 1.6 M passengers per year. While the approach over the beach is spectacul + 130 more characters
As Gunnar knows, Mahi-Mahi isn't dolphin, but a fish also called a dolphin fish and a fish in its own right, not one of those critters that gives live birth like Flipper. Cod is great, so is halibut a + 449 more characters
It's been done twice before... url url
"Amazing. If you Google it and get past the first 2-3 pages of hits, you will get the following from CNN: What makes CNN any different than "Faux" News?" Well, I went up to 6 pages on Google and got + 191 more characters
Amazing. If you Google it and get past the first 2-3 pages of hits, you will get the following from CNN: President Roosevelt may have had to contend with Hitler and Stalin, not to mention an occasiona + 2677 more characters
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First of all, I'm "unaffiliated". url Looks like the dreaded VAT is coming... hence... BOHICA Cheers
Ammo makes for a refreshing "drunk", or someone with a cold...
Chapter 6 from the International Agency for Research on Cancer Biennial Report 2006-2007 states: "INTERPHONE includes approximately 2600 gliomas, 2300 meningiomas, 1100 acoustic neurinomas, 400 parot + 1903 more characters
It's chapter 6
Levi, The study you referenced was a 2001 study, where the bulk of the data was collected back in the days when the cost/minute for cell usage was high, very high. More recent studies, that consider t + 443 more characters
Yup, seen the cellular response to the college prof "wacko". Yes, there are several orders of magnitude difference in power levels between an oven and a cell phone. Further, while the peak output powe + 1529 more characters
Ah cell phones.... An easy solution but one that will never be implemented. Radio propagation is extremely challenging in a mobile environment and the cellular industry spent millions to perfect the + 1050 more characters
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