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Actually Mule Train, I read that this nut job spent well over 11000.00 on all the crap he bought before he went nuts in a theater. I'm not what you would call a total gun nut and I've voted Democrat i + 354 more characters
One name comes to mind Muletrain....Timothy McVeigh.
Just shows her true colors IMHO. Psycho. What frightens me is the fact that there are a lot of Americans who will vote for this homosexual bashing, bible thumping moron.
This whole mac vs pc debate is getting extremely stale. For what it's worth I've been a pc guy for a long time and build my own through sites such as newegg or zipzoomfly. I've been running an I7 wit + 480 more characters
Oops. I thought he was talking about the "Arcade Room" in X box live. Still love the original Track and Field though...
It is on X Box live. You have to download the arcade to play those old games from lunar lander to asteroids. I believe they all cost points to get the whole game and I never felt retro enough to pay f + 473 more characters
Window's passwords are pretty much a joke and fairly easy to bypass. If nothing else you can reformat the drive and install windows without needing a password. Good luck in finding the computer....if + 101 more characters
There is a post a few down with a found kitten that may or may not be number is 234-3439.
He threw a couple Int's and had some high throws but the loss was not his fault. The whole team dropped the ball (no pun intended) on that game. You can't win a championship game with 5 turnovers. Fav + 368 more characters
Probably not least not in my opinion. Was that you?
Any conservative that criticizes this move is nothing more than a hypocrite. The only thing the President did that I didn't care for was put a time line on it.
Yuck? Are we looking at the same ad?
You are such a condescending prick. I really don't care if I get gagged or banned as I don't post here much and I'm sick and tired of pricks like you going into every thread and either derailing it or + 595 more characters
You can get them at the same time actually. You just can't take them both in the nasal mist form. You can take one in nasal mist and another in shot form and it would be ok from what the doctor told m + 2 more characters
You're not better than the far right Brian. While an embryo is not a baby, it is alive. This has nothing to do with a religious view, it's common sense. You can fume and declare that a fallacy all you + 131 more characters
It's kind of amusing to see how worked up you Liberals get over an innocent person being executed or on death row yet the life of an unborn child is considered a "Choice" to be discarded at will. I co + 594 more characters
At least there were no innocent females killed that couldn't get out of the wreckage...
Just so we are clear Buck, do all gun owners have small members or just the ones in the NRA?
I have no decency Kacey? I simply stated my personal feelings in what I considered a fairly non insulting way. As Bridgier put it, at least I didn't compare him to Adolph Hitler or mock his death. I s + 270 more characters
Well, this is the forum that compared Charlton Heston to a Nazi when he passed on and Kennedy is far more controversial. Mary Jo Kopechne is a name that can be brought into play as proof of that. Per + 66 more characters
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