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Rickenhawk? Isn't Rick a VietNam Vet?
There was bi-partisan support for the incursion into Iraq. The motivation was not because Saddam Hussein had something to do with the 9/11 attacks. It was because the belief was he had WMDs. The "inte + 942 more characters
My aunt and uncle lived there, although they were out of town when the fire hit. I was staying with another aunt & uncle in SD at the time and was woken up early that morning and told I had to leave f + 317 more characters
If it does happen, don't count on hearing it from the sycophantic, Obama infatuated media. On MSNBC's March 11 broadcast of "Andrea Mitchell Reports," host Andrea Mitchell asked House banking committ + 1227 more characters
Wall Street is selling the stimulus plan short. There's an Obamamaton born every minute.
Jack Katzenak was the finest sports writer/editors to have ever worked for the Miles City Star. To this day I still remember and use, and get a few laughs out of one of his phrases where he said somet + 657 more characters
I lived in an apartment with John Mahoney and a couple of other guys spring quarter of 1973 at the U of M in Missoula. I envied him because he always had such good looking girl friends and was a great + 430 more characters
John Edwards is a black hole of phoniness. It took the digging of the National Enquirer to reveal the real "other America" of Mr. Edwards. The last time I paid any attention to him was when CNN's U-b + 642 more characters
Digital photographs are so easy to edit with software these days, they could easily have removed the reflection. That it took this incident to determine that Newsweek and the rest of the MSM are in th + 137 more characters
From about 1932 forward America's government has emulated the parliamentary system more often than not. There were probably no two more useless elections than those of 1984 and 1996 in my memory; I th + 420 more characters
Here's an easy one for a car buff- seen on a 1963 Corvette: WIN DOW
I once thought about getting RIP14ME but didn't go through with it.
Barac's voting record is enough for me not to vote for him. It is looking like this election will offer a choice between socialist A and socialist B.
"Bridger, right on. This is an example of why I left Miles City many years ago. The place is full of no name busy bodies that have the most dirt on there back step, and probably the largest collection + 429 more characters
It's possible to construct about any argument you want with statistics. Montana is the fourth largest state in the country, based on square miles covered yet has one of the lowest populations of all t + 571 more characters
The pork was political payoffs arranged by Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to get the votes they needed to pass the legislation. The dems bought the votes here. The deaths in Iraq are not m + 177 more characters
Seems to me that is something that could be regulated by local ordinance. Aren't public gatherings required to have a parade permit or something along that line? This may or may not pertain to the top + 644 more characters
The channel lineup usually updates whenever there are channel changes. I haven't ever used an artist alert, this is the first time I ever saw anything about it. Could the alert be based on an old chan + 799 more characters
Some things in life and history take a lot longer to fully play out than the immediate present. The United States opposed communist expansion wherever it could, and over the course of about 75 years + 725 more characters
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