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The one with the froggin pool. Can't remember the name. Over by the V.A. Hospital.
There's also one at the park Saturday morning at 9
I believe registration starts at 10. They give brand new bikes away gift baskets toys for kids. Also durning the Easter egg hunt there is tickets in some of the eggs to get extra toys. If u want more + 137 more characters
They do. The Wesleyan church over by Garfield school has a huge one every year. It's the Saturday before Easter . They have a free play and free BBQ afterwards. The kids can win gifts. I believe ages + 13 more characters
U know it doesn't help when they have people coming in from everywhere to shop and walk out with 3 or 4 carts. When I worked there I would have I don't know how many people in one day come through wit + 917 more characters
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