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Pioneer Carpet Cleaners in Miles City does excellent work--232-1832
Those folks who came for any foreign country, ie Sudan, in order to enter our country would have had to be issued a visa and a passport. The Passport has a picture id, and therefore would constitute t + 141 more characters
I would like to apologize to the coaches and players and fans for last nights game between the 49ers and the Raiders. It was not my intention to 'run-up' the score. I got caught up in the moments of t + 324 more characters
To the gal who called me last week about the twin bed. I am so sorry I lost your phone # by the time I heard anything. I did find out that they have all the beds they need, but thanks so much for your + 69 more characters
How come you didn't ask Howdy what her source was?
I would be available to call if you have any questions. I personally know one of the families, and would be happy to take donations as well. Marcy 934-4365
Just FYI, when you purchase a rental income property you are required by the lender to put down 25% (If you are honest with your lender about it being a rental). So when you add it all up,(mortgage, t + 358 more characters
28-7 locos final
14-7 locos
You know Amorette your smugness is really a turn off! The question was asked, it doesn't affect you it affects all the rest of us who live in and around the Albert St. area! You seem to think that you + 293 more characters
Mr. Mayor you said paving would begin July 15th, here it is July 25th and still no pavement. The road is still closed, what is the latest?
I was shocked this last weekend! My family and I went to the Wal-Mart in Billings at 10:00 Sunday night, the place was very busy! And I commented to my spouse at the amount of checkers, I think that t + 138 more characters
Not the part that is connected to Leighton. Albert is the main road to N. Custer, and both entrances to Albert's Trailer Court.
Does anybody know why the city would begin work on Albert street the week before Memorial Day, then shut the road down with cones to never return again? Seriously this is getting old! This is going on + 132 more characters
Try Spotted Eagle...lots of people swim there! Don't be discouraged by the haters in MC that hate the Oasis, they don't realize how lucky they are to have something that unique.
You need to put a hole in the slab of your basement and put in a sump pump, the hole relives the pressure of the ground water forcing it to one spot. Then the sump pump does its work.
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