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Not quite sure what you're saying there... but I will say this: If someone chooses to drink, and subsequently becomes intoxicated, this is no excuse. They are still 100% responsible for their actions + 38 more characters
What is notable to me is that Jim takes Brian to task because Brian, apparently, wasn't (cough) "sensitive" enough to know that in *her* culture, touching his kid was ok. But Jim doesn't seem to requi + 1152 more characters
More on true random sources: Hotbits: url url
Webmaster, While a computer CPU that shuffles binary from here to there and convolves binary against binary via gates and tables cannot produce true randomness, it isn't a huge step to attach nonlinea + 1306 more characters
Derf: > Huh? If the belief there is no God is a belief No, Derf. Atheism is not "belief there is no god." Atheism is the lack of belief in a god or gods. From that position, one might engage in disbeli + 798 more characters
Derf: > you seem to be saying that mass murder, ethnic > cleansing, witch hunts etc. are excusable on > political grounds but inexcusable on religious > grounds. No, I did say, or imply, anything of the k + 3671 more characters
Frank, claiming that a god existed before everything else in a time you have no knowledge of, or evidence for, is as pointless as claiming that an invisible pink bunny armed with lasers sits on your s + 402 more characters
Derf, you're being entirely disingenuous. Hitler, Mao and Stalin didn't kill people because atheism told them to. They killed people because they had political agendas. There is no atheist agenda to k + 1023 more characters
> What is honesty to someone who has no basis for Truth? A far better question is: What is honesty -- and goodness -- to someone who uses superstition, mythology and dogma as a basis for truth? (or "Tr + 3929 more characters
I voted libertarian because you're all out of your minds.
[reaches out to turn up volume]
From the sound of it, seems like you're starting out too hot -- burning a lot of rubber by putting that 3 grand right to the tires. I could be wrong, the video isn't very clear. However, if you are, a + 401 more characters
Here's the Camaro's sound system:
In the well of the trunk are 12v car batteries. Those are connected to the A/B/AB/off marine switch you see at lower right center. This allows me to choose to run + 3680 more characters
"But, your honor, the light had dopplered to green!" ----- Miles city webmaster, I see some thump in the back of that 300Z. Interested in seeing what I had in the back of my Camaro (until some lowlife + 29 more characters
I just sold (last year, feels like just, though) my custom Suzuki Katana 1100 -- bored over, big carbs, appropriate rejetting, entirely custom, dyno-tuned exhaust and geared high; been to 170 on that. + 1271 more characters
:milk: :joint: :bong: :hearnoevil: :seenoevil: :speaknoevil: :higgsboson: :nonevaporatingblackhole: :waytooclosegammarayquasargoodbye:
how about... :cross: :menorah: :crescent: :ufo: :fsm: Because, you know, nothing like tweaking.
That woman had balls. His balls.
I'd like a 1940's-style pinup girl; stockings, garters, flashing a little leg. I'd appreciate it if she'd be put there for me before I die. Because, like sex on television, sex on a tombstone isn't a + 166 more characters
Bruce, url The data sources for the graph are listed underneath.
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