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I have noticed mine is low also.
So, I guess I shouldn't have pierced my daughters ears when she was a baby, in case she didn't want them done, right? Am I following the logic correctly? And, for the record, on the circumcision issue + 43 more characters
I love that he is a karate master.
I love the pumpkin chase!! I am no longer excluded from hunting so I'm hoping to catch a few clues this year..
I almost started my own thread last Friday!! I was turning left to the Airport Inn when the pickup behind me started PASSING me, with oncoming traffic! I pulled to the right as much as I could, and th + 390 more characters
Hmmm, and its not even close to Christmas...
I found these wiki sites.. url url and the 'official' website.. url
I was shocked to see the graffiti on Arby's this morning. It looks like same delinquent decorated the white apartment building in Southgate, along with the Southgate sign. I hope a security camera cau + 20 more characters
Chuck Norris doesn't read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.
Loved it! Those are great!
Cassie, I am so very sorry to hear you lost your son! Like Julie, I remember him as a little guy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Klista
LOL it was an old episode.. Rachel mixed two recipes. It just seemed appropriate for this thread
To Brian; Aren't you missing the ground beef in your trifle recipe? (Friends version...)
It seems like the marijuana store is going to be in a pretty residential area. I am glad I do not live close to it.
Hello, I am currently in the CNA class and it is all online except for 5 saturdays that are in the classroom and on the nursing home floor. The book is $55 new at the MCC bookstore. The class cost is + 73 more characters
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