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RE: 2 dogs 11 years ago
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When I read this post all I could think of was...isn't there a song about this? Who let the dogs out!
This reads and sounds like my sister in law's letters to my husband and I. Oh my.
I have a funny story about the liquor store back when I was not of legal age yet (in the 70's). I worked at the Interstate cafe and my boss asked me to go to the liquor store and pick up her order of + 399 more characters
Yes, with a capital 'I'.
He was my band teacher starting in about 1967. He was a really nice guy and great human being. I know I'll never forget him.
Where do you come up with these jokes? My husband thinks I'm nuts when I just start laughing reading your jokes. They are so innocently funny!
This should bring tears to all English teachers eyes.
David, are you Lori's brother?
Thanks for these stories, had a good belly laugh while reading them!
I still don't understand why the mother would think her kid peeing on the carpet is funny. Maybe that's the problem right there. And I am not arguing Gm Bonine. Just having a great time this weekend. + 20 more characters
And there you have it...
Only takes 1.
Wendy-You don't let the child know they are disgusting, you let them know that peeing on the carpet is disgusting and unacceptable behavior. Somewhere along the 5 year old's life they have seen this a + 105 more characters
Any 5 year old child that pees on the carpet isn't being taught right from wrong. The mother is laughing at this? You can bet the child heard her and thinks it's ok to do that now even with a small re + 142 more characters
I think Tom Hanel should run for mayor next time-from Miles City, mayor experience, just have someone talk him into moving back to MC. Seems everyone likes him. Maybe the new mayor could train under h + 35 more characters
Call Hank Elliott-he worked there then and might remember-if its something from 50 years ago he'll probably remember!
Yes I saw that! I've seen every game-way to go Big Sky/Billings! Whoohoo!!
Must've been at the local Walmart...
My favorite, muley buck- now for the brownies for dessert. Still salivating Gunnar. Be in MC in a week-looking forward to seeing family and friends. Family reunion and Dad's 90th birthday.
Reading this post is making me salivate.
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