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Yes your 8th grader will go to Washington Middle School. It is a wonderful school with great teachers. Volleyball sign-ups will be sometime during the first couple of weeks of school. She will need to + 406 more characters
Lessons start on Monday July 11. Cost is 30.00 per child. Stop down at the pool during business hours and sign up.
I noticed the portions are smaller:Josh Rath; Well Josh maybe Mcdonalds is trying to cut back on the obese rate in the United States, not to mention lower cholesterol, Josh it seems to me they are onl + 87 more characters
The Oasis is a great place to take your family swimming, I have grown up in the Oasis and have to say I have never got swimmers itch or swimmers ear or any thing bad from it. In fact, the city of Mile + 566 more characters
Stacie, 7th grade practice starts right after school. It is not to late for him to play. Your son will need a physical before he can practice. Just give me a call at the school and I will give you all + 37 more characters
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How did Bras for a Cause go? I Heard Morris did a great job modeling and even baught a few. What a wonderful person he is and all the models that helped.
I would like to thank Ragna and the lifeguards for the wonderful job they did at teaching the swim lessons. My children loved it and learned lots in the two weeks that they were in it. Ragna also had + 532 more characters
you know gypsyskin, we have the most rare type of swimming facility already here in miles city. And if the people of miles city would just put forth towards are facility to make it better, it would be + 383 more characters
I really enjoy the main street grind too. Alisha and Caitlin create such a great atmoshphere when i come in. But I did notice that some of the other workers bring there family life (fighing, drama, ec + 13 more characters
I really enjoy the Focus on Friday. Don and Amanda are doing a great job. Keep it up you two!!
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