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W. B. Clark, 1961. Understand this booklet has been published several times, but is now out of print --- Again, if anyone has a copy and is willing to scan and send to me by email, the pages that rea + 228 more characters
THANKS, AMORETTE! I've checked online a couple of times, but so far, no dice... Just my luck. Sharon Cunningham
How can I get a copy of this book? Sharon Cunningham Tennessee
I need a complete copy of a newspaper article that appeared in the Yellowstone Journal, July 18, 1938, titled: "Judge Eugene McCarthy of Kalispell Hunted Buffalo in Yellowstone County When A Lad of + 636 more characters
Good Morning, Bob - Thanks for the info re the Range Rider Museum. Much appreciated. sharon cunningham
Hi, Hal - How's Alaska? Thanks for giving me the web address of your site...MUCH good information re Montana. Best, Sharon Cunningham
Will someone email the mailing address of Range Rider Museum to me at: [email protected] Thanks, sharon cunningham
Re the Oct 30 thread below, I've learned thru research on old Montana buffalo hunters, that many of these men came from Texas to hunt buffalo, stayed in Montana, and became lawmen. Two, who were in Mi + 1299 more characters
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